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Recommendation 1
Teami Green Tea Matcha Detox Face Mask - Deep Pore Cleansing & Hydrating Blackhead Remover Mud Mask with Bentonite Clay, Facial Masks Best for Acne, Blackheads, Wrinkles, Pore Minimizer, Anti Aging - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • ANTI-BREAKOUT - We all want that beautiful glowing skin right? So we get a mask that promises just that, but end up with acne instead and lose all hope for ever having the skin we want! Unlike some mask products on the market claiming to be for sensitive skin, our green tea mask contains lemongrass which helps balance out the drying effects of typical clay masks, so your skin will feel HYDRATED and SOFT, clean, and renewed.
  • GENTLE, NOT HARSH - Truly for all skin types, our green tea detox mask won't cause acne or skin to break out. Great for reducing the appearance of blackheads and cleaning pores naturally. Detoxify and cleanse your skin with a refreshing mud mask. Have a YOU beauty night with a friend; and have fun with it!
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS - You wouldn't knowingly eat harmful chemicals right? Well you shouldn't put them on your skin either! That's why our organic, effective green tea detox mask contains only the best ingredients.. Bentonite and Kaolin Clay to draw out the toxins, Green Tea packed with high antioxidant levels for anti aging benefits, and Lemongrass to help your skin retain natural oils and hydration.
  • CRUELTY FREE & VEGAN - That's right. LEAPING BUNNY CERTIFIED too! No animals were harmed in the making of this awesome green tea goodness. We take great care to make our 75% Organic facial masks for women right here in Florida, and only make small batches to retain high quality.
  • SOLD BY TEAMI: Be sure to look for the words "Sold by Teami Blends and Fulfilled by Amazon." next to the IN STOCK sign in order to get the full level of service you deserve! We want to make sure you get the product & results you're looking for, which is why you'll want to purchase directly from us on Amazon. Love it or your money back!
Recommendation 2
Teami Superfood Daily Facial Cleanser - 4 oz - Face Wash for Women Made with Organic Ingredients like Aloe, Turmeric, Matcha, and Sea Kelp - Face Cleanser Suitable for All Skin Types - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • UNLIKE OTHER cleansers that are HARSH ON SENSITIVE SKIN, CAUSE BREAKOUTS, leave a residue/film, and don't really work, our Teami superfood daily FACIAL CLEANSER was SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO OVERCOME these common obstacles. After months of sourcing and formulating, our best DAILY FORMULA was born. This GENTLE, EFFECTIVE and NON-DRYING formula goes deep to CLEANSE, REFRESH and RESTORE your BEAUTIFUL SKIN in ways other cleansers just cannot compare!
  • NOURISHING AND HYDRATING FORMULA teeming with NATURAL INGREDIENTS that work to GENTLY CLEANSE away IMPURITIES that can HARM YOUR COMPLEXION. Every day we are faced with a world that pollutes our skin. It is important to REMOVE CONTAMINANTS that can LEAD TO DAMAGE. Using our cleanser daily will not only leave you feeling FRESH and RENEWED, but it is the perfect product to PREPARE YOUR SKIN TO RECEIVE the next few steps in your skincare routine.
  • MATCHA, TURMERIC, SEA KELP, and ALOE team together to DELIVER much needed NUTRIENTS for your skin. Matcha has inspired a few of our products here at Teami because it's known to be FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS which boast of helping to REPAIR SKIN DAMAGE and give you a YOUTHFUL GLOW! Turmeric is an ANCIENT SECRET used to restore a healthy glow and REDUCE PUFFINESS. Sea Kelp is known as a superfood because if its RICH MINERAL CONTENT and Aloe has been used to HEAL and SOOTHE blemishes for ages.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES and skincare routines. Whether you keep a minimal routine or your in full glam, our cleanser will REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP WITHOUT CLOGGING PORES. When you go to cleanse, STOP using harsh chemicals or BLEMISHING and IRRITATING ingredients. Instead use our ORGANIC and GENTLE mix of RICH ingredients designed to maintain a CLEAR COMPLEXION to show off the BEAUTY that you are inside and out.
  • WE SEE A PROBLEM, THEN we try to solve it. Our mission is to help our customers live a happier, healthier lifestyle through the use of holistic, all-natural wellness products CREATED WITH POWERFUL tea ingredients! We want to make sure you get the product & RESULTS you're looking for, which is why you'll want to PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM US on Amazon by looking for our name “Teami Blends” in the “Sold By” section. LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
Recommendation 3
Green Tea Matcha Facial Mud Mask, Removes Blackheads, Reduces Wrinkles, Nourishing, Moisturizing, Improves Overall Complexion, Best Antioxidant, Skin Lightening & Anti Aging, All Skin Face Types - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • ANTI-AGING This mask is loaded with deeply nourishing, hydrating and healing ingredients, this Green Tea Mud Mask not only reduces skin blemishes, redness, acne and blackheads, but it also has strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, that effectively fights the effects of aging. The results will be stunning from the first application! Smooth, silky soft, moisturized and vibrant skin with a youthful glow guaranteed!
  • ANTIOXIDANT Green Tea Extract, It’s your lucky day! You have found the best facial mud mask to give you flawless, smooth and glowing skin. Utilizing all the powerful minerals and antioxidants of pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha, this beauty skin mask will deeply detox, cleanse, moisturize and tone your skin. This Green Tea Mask is perfect for reducing enlarged pores and inflammation. In addition, the vitamin K in green tea helps lighten dark circles under the eyes.
  • HELPS TREAT ACNE Green Tea Matcha even helps to regulate hormonal imbalances in the body, one of the key causes of acne. The anti-inflammatory property of Matcha helps reduce the redness and inflammation brought about by acne.
  • NOURISHING Volcanic Mud Vitamins and Minerals will give your skin naturally healthy glow. Refreshes and lightens face, works on all skin types. This clay mask has a strong lightening and tightening action that feels great even for hours later.
  • MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guarantee, All of our products by ONCE UPON A TEA come with a Hassle FREE MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE so you can buy our GREEN TEA MATCHA MUD MASK with confidence.
Recommendation 4
Hebepe Matcha Green Tea Detox Facial Mud Mask with Aloe Vera, Deep Cleaning, Hydrating, Detoxing, Healing, and Relaxing Volcanic Clay Face Mask, Pore Minimizer, Acne Clearing, and Blackhead Remover - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • FORMULATED WITH MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER&ALOE VERA: Green tea has been used in skincare for centuries in Asian cultures. Green detox mud mask helps protect skin, draws out toxins, and unblocks pores. The combination of aloe vera and match green tea powder has synergistic effects to help support brighter, smoother, younger skin.
  • DETOX CLAY FACE MASK: Matcha Green Tea Facial Mask Mud selects premium ingredients to provide better healing clay mud for face and body. It is designed to be used on your daily skin care routine as hydrating face mask. Pores are deeply cleansed to combat excess oil and toxins, Pores are tighten to prevent future congestion. It leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed and perfectly hydrated.
  • PROVED AND TESTED RESULTS: By combining matcha green tea powder and aloe vera, Green Detox Tea Mud Mask provide advanced skin care benefits:Anti-Aging, Skin Lightening, Moisturizing, and Nourishing. It also help to reduce acne, blackheads, and wrinkles.
  • FACIAL MASK FOR WOMEN AND MEN: All-Natural green detox powder with healing clay is created as a detox mud facial mask for women and men.
  • EASY AND FAST SPA EXPERIENCE: Just wash your face, apply detox mud to your face or body, leave it for about 10mins, then wash off. IT WON'T DRY.
Recommendation 5
Green Tea Matcha Mud Facial Mask Deep Cleaning Oil-Control Moisturizing Blackhead Remover Anti Acne Improving & Anti Aging Skin Pore Cleanser Mud - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • Matcha Green Tea Face Mask improves your skin complexion and makes your skin healthy.
  • Can effectively prevent skin aging and eliminates spots, scars and acne skin.
  • Has a chemical composition of firming effect, enables rapid regeneration of the skin.
  • Protein and vitamins can increase the skin's nutrients, making skin more delicate and smooth.
  • Healing burns the skin and deal with large scars and efficacy in skin care pigmentation and other skin problems are equally significant
Recommendation 6
bareMinerals Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask, 2.04 oz 0 - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • Size: 58g
  • Gender: Female
  • Ingredients: papaya enzyme
  • Package Weight: 0.136 kilograms
Recommendation 7
LILY SADO Green Tea Face Mask - Organic Natural VEGAN Facial Mask - Anti-Aging, Antioxidant Defense Against Acne, Blackheads & Wrinkles for a Luscious, Soft Glowing Complexion - Best Mud Mask for Acne - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • PURIFY, DETOXIFY & BEAUTIFY! - This creamy luscious face mask frees your face of pollutants & toxins to reinvigorate and refresh your face in minutes. GREEN TEA MATCHA and AVOCADO deliver nutrient-rich antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids to provide the best defense against acne, blackheads, blemishes & undereye dark circles. POWERFUL ANTI-AGING properties rejuvenate skin cells to reduce wrinkles & fine lines. Safe For All Skin Types.
  • GREEN TEA MATCHA AND AVOCADO CAN’T BE BEAT FOR THEIR SKIN-LOVING BENEFITS - This natural face mask is amped with Antioxidant & Antibacterial properties that deeply cleanse & extract toxins and stubborn dead skin cells while providing maximum hydration. It works deep within your pores to combat bacteria, inflammation & sun damage for smoother, toned & healthier skin. Peptides, Tannins & Vitamins C, K + C reduce swelling, puffiness & under-eye dark circles, leaving skin lusciously hydrated.
  • DETOXIFY, HYDRATE & REPLENISH - This organic Green Tea Facial Mask is powered with potent Vitamin B2 and E to boost collagen levels for youthful skin structure and firmness. Vegan-friendly formula promotes new skin cell growth and acts as an intense hydrator for supple, luscious & nourished skin. Your skin will LOVE the unique CREAMY, SOFT TEXTURE OF THIS BLACKHEAD REMOVER MASK. It goes on smoother than any other organic mask.
  • PARSLEY & LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT BALANCE OIL PRODUCTION – Does your current skin mask contain these 2 amazing antioxidants? They are superior at fighting acne and outbreaks (excellent for oily or combination skin); protecting your skin against environmental stressors; combatting age spots & discoloration; and increasing skin regeneration. Add it to your skin care routine!
  • BACKED BY LILY’S QUALITY GUARANTEE –We cut no corners in our products and cut no corners in our support of you. We know you’re a big deal and we treat you that way. All our products are backed by a risk-free 30-day guarantee. In addition to being risk-free, our products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty free (never tested on animals). Compare against more expensive face masks, detox mud masks, face exfoliators, body masks, and volcanic mud masks.
Recommendation 8
Hydrating Facial Green Tea Mud Mask - Instantly Rejuvenate Appearance Of Dull Skin - Calms Redness & Irritation - French Green Clay - Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E & Vitamin B3 250g - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • Green tea extract is naturally enriched with several vitamins & appears to help prevent skin conditions like loss of skin elasticity, inflammation & premature aging caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • Mud Masks work by drawing impurities and toxins from deep underneath the skin to the skin’s surface and gently exfoliating dead skin cells leaves the skin smooth, radiant, and glowing.
  • Applicator stick provided- Applying masks with a face mask brush is more hygienic & drastically cuts down on product waste, as you can get every last bit of it onto your face. Moreover, it leaves your hands and fingernails clean, saving you from the extra cleanup.
  • At Luminositie we believe in a powerful combination of skincare ingredients for a substance that's not only low-cost but completely natural and abundantly available without any animal cruelty!
  • We have worked hard with anti-aging & skincare specialized all over to formulate a Hydrating Facial Mask based on all-natural ingredients that work. This means you can rest assured your skin is getting everything it needs, & nothing else.
Recommendation 9
Himalayan Clay Mud Mask for Face and Body by Majestic Pure - Exfoliating and Facial Acne Fighting Mask - Reduces Appearance of Pores, 10 oz - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • Majestic Pure Himalayan Clay Mud Mask, Detoxifying, Brightening, and Reduces Appearance of Pores; made in the USA
  • Pink Clay is rich in Silica, which is said to help improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes skin; Exfoliating, for all skin types.
  • Majestic Pure Himalayan Clay Mask is cruelty free and not tested on animals
  • SAFETY WARNING: Intended for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
Recommendation 10
Teami Repair Jojoba Face Oil - with Coconut Oil, Camellia Seed, and Vitamin E (2oz) - Teami Detox Face Mask
  • REJUVENATING - Our beautiful Teami Repair Facial Oil infusion of Chamomile Botanical Essence and Seabuckthorn Fruit not only reverses the signs of aging such as FINE LINES, WRINKLES, and age spots, it also REPAIRS and PROTECTS from the sun and other free radical damage for a combined result of a naturally lighter and more YOUTHFUL COMPLEXION!
  • MOISTURIZE & HEAL - Softens skin preparing it to receive absorption and ANTIOXIDANTS. As an anti inflammatory it calms and promotes healing and encourages COLLAGEN PRODUCTION improving wounds and scarring from sun damage & acne.
  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN - Antimicrobial and antifungal properties protect your skin from harmful toxins while the lightweight & non-greasy formula HYDRATES without clogging pores (non comedogenic).
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made with 100% pure plant extracts and contains natural mineral ingredients- no harmful fillers, preservatives or chemicals. For all skin types - Made in the USA - Vegan - Cruelty Free - All-Natural - Non-GMO.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We at Teami Blends want you to know we've got your back! If you are not completely satisfied with any Teami Blends Serums or Oils we will help you resolve your concern or provide a full refund.

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