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Bestseller No. 1
AMPK-4 Activator 90 capsules/45 Servings Boost Energy Promote Longevity Diet Weight Loss Slimmer Skinny Fatburner with Berberine and Forskolin Supports Metabolism - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • AMPK-4 Activator Boost energy Promote Longevity,Diet ,Weight Loss,Slimmer,Skinny Fatburner With Berberine And Forskolin Supports metabolism
Bestseller No. 2
Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator 30 Vegetarian Tablets - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • Revitalizes youthful AMPK levels
  • Encourages your body to burn stored abdominal fat
  • Promotes healthy cell metabolism
Discount: 15%Bestseller No. 3
Horbaach AMPK Metabolic Activator | 60 Capsules - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • AMPK is an enzyme found in every cell of the body
  • AMPK Metabolic Activator Capsules contain 450 mg of ActivAMP AMPK Activator
  • AMPK naturally supports weight management and appetite control*
  • AMPK is a useful ingredient that plays a role in regulating energy in the body*
  • AMPK is derived and extracted from the jiaogulan herb
Discount: 10%Bestseller No. 4
Jiaogulan 4100mg Per Caps 200 Veggie Capsule (Extract 10:1, Non-GMO & Gluten Free) Gynostemma Pentaphyllum AMPK Activator, Caffeine-Free Adaptogen Pills, Ginseng Root Powder Extract - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • STRENGTH JIAOGULAN EXTRACT: NusaPure’s maximum strength Jiaogulan contains 4100mg per Caps of pure Jiaogulan extract (Extract 10:1). With 200 Veggie capsules in every bottle, you receive a full 200 day supply. Jiaogulan, also known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is a climbing vine indigenous to Japan, Vietnam, Southern Korea, and China. Jiaogulan is thought to have powerful antioxidant & adaptogenic properties. *
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Jiaogulan is best known as a adaptogen and antioxidant in herbal medicine. The crushed whole Jiaogulan Leaf is often consumed as herbal tea. Jiaogulan supplements support stamina & endurance, promotes immune system & cardiovascular health, & supports healthy cholesterol levels. Our Jiaogulan extract formula contains high potency Gypenosides, which are closely related to the ginsenosides that are naturally occurring in Panax Ginseng. Powerful When Paired With L-Theanine*
  • NATURAL & MADE IN THE USA: Our natural herbal formula is made from pure Jiaogulan, is Caffeine free, and contains high potency Gypenosides. It does NOT contain preservatives, soy, gluten, dairy or extraneous fillers. Our potent complex is made in the USA, in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility. Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure quality & purity. *
  • STILL NOT SURE? DON’T WORRY! – As a small family business, we fully understand the uncertainty and risk of trying new supplements. And this is why we go extra mile to source only the highest quality ingredients. Also, trust and transparency is at the forefront of our brand. We list every single ingredient on our products so that you can make an informative decision. Let us know if you have any questions or if can be of any service!
  • COMMON NAMES & FORMS: Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) is often referred to as Southern Ginseng. It is sometimes spelled Jiao Gu Lan, and comes in many forms including powder, capsule, veggie cap, tablet, pills, soft gel, herbal tea, or even whole leaf herb. Jiaogulan is widely regarded as an AMPK activator with antioxidant & adaptogenic properties. *
Bestseller No. 5
Maximum Strength Berberine Plus, 1200mg Per Serving, 120 Capsule, Powerfully Supports Glucose Metabolism, Immune System, Fat Burn, Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Function, Non-GMO, Made in USA. - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • Berberine Supplement 120 Capsules, 1200mg Per Serving. Non-GMO and Made in USA
  • Traditional Natural Asian Herb which Supports Anti-aging, Longevity and Cellular Health.
  • Strongly Supports Antioxidant, Energy, Blood Sugar, Digestive Function & Weight Loss Management.
  • No GMO. No Gluten. No Dairy. No Sugar. No Tree Nut. No Soy.
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity and Safety.
Bestseller No. 6
Takenutritionx AMPK Activator Boost energy Promote Longevity,Weight Loss Supports metabolism 60 capsules - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • Burns fat, Improves metabolism
  • Produces and breaks down sugars, Inhibits protein production
  • Acts as antioxidant, Facilitates oxygen delivery
  • Aids in weight loss, Improves blood circulation
  • Improves heart health, Increases testosterone levels
Bestseller No. 7
Amazing Formulas Quercetin Berberine - 250mg Berberine and 250mg Quercetin (Non-GMO,Gluten Free) -Potent Anti-oxidant Properties -Supports Heart Health, Energy Production, Immune Function (90 Count) - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • SUPPORT FOR HEALTH & WELL-BEING Each of Amazing Formulas Quercetin Berberine veggie capsules provides 250 milligrams of Quercetin and 250 milligrams of Berberine. It’s a potent dose of antioxidants to promote numerous benefits to the body. *
  • A POTENT TEAM The combination of Quercetin and Berberine creates a powerful synergistic team which may help to increases the absorption, potency and benefits of each other. *
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT Quercetin Berberine both are known to have potent antioxidants properties to support healthy ageing, cardiovascular health, and immune health. It may also help to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals. *
  • QUALITY All Amazing Formulas products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), among the highest standards in the world.
  • PURITY & POTENCY All our products are proudly made in USA with Guaranteed Purity & Potency. We offer best quality products for the best value. All our products are Third Party Tested. We do not compromise on quality.
Bestseller No. 8
Luz AMPK Activator - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • AMPK Activator with an optimized research based formula.
  • Full recommended daily dose of four proven AMPK activating compounds.
  • All four natural extracts are in their most concentrated form.
  • 100% Vegan, Gluten-free, Pesticide free, and non-GMO formula.
Bestseller No. 9
Premium Pure Berberine Supplements 1200mg Capsules-Top Choice Powerful Berberine Hcl For Weight Loss-Lower Cholesterol & Sugar, PCOS & Immune Support Stabilizer-AMPK Metabolic Activator - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • FORTIFY IMMUNITY and WELLNESS SYSTEM, BOOST YOUR HEALTH WITH A PREMIUM BERBERINE TOP CHOICE SUPPLEMENT: The ULTRA powerful formula of this elite natural Berberine complex supplement, is an easily absorbed supplement for heart, liver, lung and mitochondrial health purposes. It enchances the beneficial effects of a keto diet and activates enzyme AMPK ( like Gynostemma pentaphyllum )
  • REAP THE MULTIPLE BENEFITS OF PURE BERBERINE POWDER: IMMUNIKAID - a natural berberine supplement can aid cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol to safe levels and is a great metabolism booster for weight loss. It naturally supports good gut bacteria, relieves and inhibits lung inflammation, boosts immune system & fertility pcos hormone function, supports blood sugar balance and insulin sensitivity
  • ENJOY A SLENDER BODY & A RADIANT FACE: A daily dosage of 2 fat-burning, alkaloid, mass- reducing pure berberine 600 mg capsules support your weight loss efforts, help you get a lean body, cleanse and supports liver, heals fatty liver. Berberine, helps reduce acne, makes your face radiate health
  • YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY: We created the highest potency 600mg capsules with suggested use 1200mg per day, which is much more sufficient than 500mg and 1000mg formulas! ! Quality tested and produced in GMP lab, which ensures quality and potency, our berberine hcl capsules are absolutely safe supplemen among berberine products
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, LET IMMUNIKAID BERBERINE BE PART OF YOUR HEALTHY LIFE: Our Berberine HCI capsules are easy to swallow, vegetarian and convenient, free of gluten, corn, salt, soy, yeast, preservatives, dairy and shellfish If you have questions or problems with IMMUNIKAID berberine capsules, just let us know, We are here for help
Bestseller No. 10
Life Extension AMPK Metabolic Activator, 30 Vegetarian Tablets (2 Pack) - Active-Pk Weight Loss
  • 2 bottles of AMPK Activator 30 vegetarian capsules (2x30 count)
  • AMPK is an enzyme that serves as the body's master regulating switch. It inhibits multiple damaging factors by revitalizing aging cells
  • Revitalize cellular metabolism & fight unwanted abdominal fat
  • Encourages your body to burn stored abdominal fat; Promotes healthy cellular metabolism
  • Serving Size 1 vegetarian tablet; Non-GMO

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